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Darth Yamabungle

Ever since we adopted him, Yama Bungle has been Mr Snottynose.  Not only does he sneeze, he fires great gobs of snot about the place and needs his nose wiped.  And a lot of the time he breathes like Darth Vader. 

Took him in a couple of weeks ago to get his vaccinations updated, and saw Hannah the Lurcher-owning Vet.   She felt his condition might improve with treatment, so gave him a steroid jab and an antibiotic rather than a vaccination, and told us to bring him back in a couple of weeks for a checkup.  And it worked!  OK, he's still just a little snotty, but he's not firing projectile goop in all directions, and he can breathe quietly and generally seems fitter and more comfortable!  I think his ears look cleaner too, though they are still far from perfect, even with the aid of Thornit Ear Powder. 

 Obviously we have consulted on the problem of Yama's breathing previously, but I think, only with Martin The Useless Vet, whose mantra if bits are not obviously falling off tends to be: 'keep an eye on it'.  Hum. 

I took him back for his vaccs today - unfortunately, this was with MTUV, but as Yama is now doing so well, I think we're all good.  The steroid should last 4-6 weeks (this is week 3) and he only needs to come back for another one if his condition deteriorates again.   

I have a bad feeling we have vet bills ahead for Yama - he had a dental last year, but his teeth are already showing tartar again, he's getting odd little growths in his ears, and I suspect the inside of his nose may be not too good either.   But we'll cross those bridges when we come to them.  



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9th Jul, 2010 11:30 (UTC)
For the purposes of informing your readers, can I point out that this cat is actually called Yamamayaa and not "Yama Bungle", which would be silly?
9th Jul, 2010 17:51 (UTC)
Which "Yamamayaa" isn't?
12th Jul, 2010 08:24 (UTC)
It's a perfectly sensible name.

Yamamayaa is a bengal cat, which means he is the result of a hybrid breeding programme involving mostly domestic cats and Asian leopard cats.

The Asian leopard cat is a small wild cat native to east and southeast Asia.

The island of Iriomote is a volcanic, tropical island, the largest of the Yaeyama islands situated far to the south of Japan. Native to Iriomote is the Iriomote cat which at various times in recent history has been classified by zoologists as a) the only member of its particular genus b) a sub-species of Asia leopard cat and c) a separate species closely related to the Asian leopard cat.

The natives of Iriomote call the cat the mountain cat, which in the Iriomote dialect of the Yaeyama language is 'Yamamayaa'.
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