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Of shoes--and ships--and sealing-wax -- Of cabbages--and kings

 I posted a suggestion to the new Your Freedom site about the ludicrous and costly Dangerous Dogs Act section 1.  I got in early before the sheer weight of grumpy people and lunatics brought the server crashing down yesterday.  You can read, rate and comment on it here.

Probably nothing will come of it, but I guess with something like this, all you can do is keep hammering away about how daft it is and maybe one day someone will hear.   I suspect the items with more comments and ratings will be considered most carefully, so it would be great if you have time to read and rate mine.  

And maybe one day the police will stop spending millions on kennelling fees and experts with measuring tapes to say if dogs are illegally shaped, and this little girl can have her doggy back.  :-/

There are of course many other suggestions about a pile of other legislation, in particular the Digital Economy Act, which some of you will no doubt have Views on. 

 I have grown a number of aubergines.  I have not photographed them yet, but they are really good, honest.  Large, and richly purple.  I may cook one for my tea.  Aubergines are weird things to grow: the fruits are practically the size of the whole plant!    I've also grown a lot of lettuce and basil in the greenhouse, so am well supplied for salads. 

I didn't deliberately plant tomatoes this year, but some seem to have volunteered from the corpses of last year's fruits.  It seems churlish to uproot them, so I'm letting them get on with it. 

Seem to be having great difficulty staying focussed on work at the mo.  I think the heat is getting to me.  I just want to sleep and sleep!   I've got into a bad spiral of being tired and not focussing, then not sleeping because I'm worrying about not getting things done, which leads to more not focussing.  And is generally silly, unproductive and unrewarding.  Need to snap out of it. 

I took Az and Perl to the vet yesterday.  It was supposed to be Az and Yama, but the little sod went into hiding.  Perl has a rather persistently runny bum.  I need to take a sample, bacterial infection is suspected.  Oh joy. 

I took Az because he's been getting a bit stiff recently.  I put him on Metacam for a week, and he improved a lot, so I wanted to check there was nothing else going on, if the problem was consistent with arthritis, and whether I should keep him on it from now on.  Vet suggested taking him off it for a couple days now he's better, and see if things go downhill before making a final decision.  Then I need to think about whether to give him Metacam long term, or Previcox.  Vet seemed to think either would do the job. 

Az's eyesight is really appallingly bad now.  He can still jump into the boot of the car, but he likes to poke his head in and peer at it first, presumably to make sure it's really open.  A rabbit even a few feet away is now completely invisible.

He can, however, still do his unique take on fetching sticks, which is less about fetching them, and more about you finding and throwing them, then him grabbing them and running off into the undergrowth to give them a decent burial.  Then you are expected to find him another one.  I think he must be doing this mostly on the sound of the stick hitting the ground, as he can go straight there, but then seems to struggle to pick it up a bit.  He can definitely see large Mollydog-sized things though - and his hearing is great.  

Az is at least 11  now - may be older - so I don't think this is unexpected or too problematic, he still seems a happy chap.  Perl is older, but then she's a cat.  She shows few signs of wear and tear, though she does have one mildly infected tooth. 

Airships are the future!  Or maybe not.  But I think airships are brilliant anyway.  I'd be quite happy to travel by airship.  OK, it might take longer, but it would be so much more fun.  And one would hope, less cramped.  I am not afraid of flying , but my goodness, I  really hate being crammed into a cramped seat in a tiny box full of recycled air. 

The Pandorica (without spoilers).  I really loved the Doctor Who season end double episode (shown over two weeks)  I wasn't particularly expecting much of it, but the first part was exciting enough that my thoughts kept turning to it for a week until the second half turned up.  And then, I wasn't disappointed.  And what more can you ask, really..?

And finally... the Oldies Club is currently considering an application to adopt from our oldest adopter yet. She's 97! The dog she's interested in is no spring chicken though - and she's an experienced owner (VERY experienced!) so they could be a good match.
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