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Dartmoor Zoo

We went to Dartmoor Zoo today. Hadn't been for a long while and since then it has changed hands (and improved a lot of the more dodgy things)

There used to be a poor sad sealion in this pond, but now there are capybaras and Rhea in the enclosure with access to the pond.  This seemed like a much more sensible choice, and they were clearly having a whale of a time - huge enclosure and lots of swimming room!

I love capybaras, their faces are so smug.  Plus, they must get extra points for being the world's largest rodent!

How does a rhea cross a pond?  Well, she could walk round.  Or, if it's a hot day, she could decide to do this!

Her underfeathers got all soggy when she got out, but I don't think she cared!

More of the capybaras having a play.  I do like capybaras!

OK, this is absolutely the last capybara swimming pic but c'mon - how many rodents can swim like this?

OK, enough capybaras.  Here's a cheetah instead.  She mewed at us.  We were surprised.

The jaguar.  I was sad to see that the sign that used to show in graphic detail what would happen to people foolish enough to climb into the jaguar enclosure had been removed.   But the jaguar himself was menacing enough.

The lynx were not so menacing but very beautiful.  It was nice to see that they now have a very large enclosure with lots of vegetation and hiding places.

Owls.  Nocturnal, right?  Apparently not: this one was definitely a sun-worshipper.

I know it's only a raccoon, but I was rather pleased with this pic.  Though i can't claim it's down to expertise, it just came out like that.

Was quite pleased with this one of the tigers having a strop at each other.

This is daddy tiger. He was watching the other two.

Took this one of a wolf through the chainlink,  so am quite pleased that you can't really see the fence, only the wolf.  There were three wolves in the woodland, and they were all having a good snooze.

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