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 Am tormenting myself looking at some rescue Borzois that have just come into Evesham Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue, and reading up on borzois, which are a breed I greatly admire and would love to own.  Doesn't seem to be that much on the web about them, but I found this article of which one line struck me particularly :

Confining all of the exercise of a sighthound to leash work with a jogging human is like exercising an eagle on a string.

Well put, I thought. 



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17th Jun, 2010 13:08 (UTC)
You might have more luck on finding Borzoi information if you google 'Russian Wolfhound' - which seems to be their preferred US name (although since I've seen the Scottish Deerhound used as Sirius in the Harry Potter movies described as a 'Russian Wolfhound' I'd treat any internet results with caution).

I adore borzois - it's that long, aristocratic nose - but I doubt they'd go with 8 cats and a terrier...
17th Jun, 2010 13:29 (UTC)
I looked under Russian Wolfhound as well, but again, not much. Couple snotty mentions from breeders about how people mix up their wolfhounds.

There are a couple of Borzois that I meet semi-regularly at the place where I walk my greyhound & lurcher: amazing dogs they are.

As to the cats, we have 6, but as they are already living with a retired racing greyhound and a lurcher probably ex-working, I feel introductions are probably not impossible. If I were looking for another dog. Which I'm not. Oh no. Definitely not.
18th Jun, 2010 15:43 (UTC)
Borzois, sigh... I always wanted a Borzoi as a child. But they are such elegant dogs that I would suffer greatly by comparison.

At least with a Springer, it doesn't matter if you're naturally scruffy, because you're always going to come back covered in mud anyway.
20th Jun, 2010 18:19 (UTC)
I think I already suffer by comparison with the hounds! They are so slim and elegant.

You have made me think that another reason that I really should not add a borzoi to the pack is the grooming. I bet mud would stick to all the feathers: there is something to be said for wipe-clean dogs!
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