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I'm going to have (yet) another go at getting Mollydog to retrieve. She can do everything else we've tried. Most dogs do it without any training! She should be able to crack this!

1) Take ball on rope wherever we go, and I will play with it myself so it looks exciting and fun.

2) Take clicker on walks (I have been remiss with this -have now attached a clicker to the lead so I can't forget) and reward her for any interest in ball.

3) Bought clicker training DVD (The Motivation Movie - Joanna Hill) for tips - am I missing something? I may buy more clicker DVDs too (if in doubt, shop!)

4) Continue to train the 'nudge ball with nose' behaviour. Try to get her to open her mouth to take the ball (use doggy toothpaste on ball to make it yummy??).

5) Try to remember when playing 'fling the cuddly toy' in the mornings, to introduce a 'hold' command to help her understand about holding things in her mouth. I don't really want her only retrieving fluffy toys, as they get too soggy and are hard to throw far, but it could be a start.
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