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Unusual dogs

A while ago I posted that some breeds rarely seem to come into rescues, and that one I'd not seen at all was the flatcoated retriever.  After the Otterhound, frankly, I should have known better...

Oldies Club now have a flatcoated retriever on our waiting list, and another dog that sounds suspiciously like a second one.   Flatcoat 1 sadly has larangeal paralysis, so needs a calm home without too-long walks : breed rescue are on the case, but it seems that enthusiasts for this breed tend to like long walks and excited bouncy dogs - so she's not quite as easy to place as you'd think.

Suspected flatcoat2 belonged to a gentleman who has gone into care.  Sadly, the owner is very confused and his representative though a nice man, is someone that I think could probably recognise a labrador, but nothing more unusual.  But I can't think what other breed is about lab sized, with a long black silky coat but isn't a collie.  He might be a cross, of course, but apparently the owner said he was bought as a specific breed.  Not that that necessarily means anything!   Annoyingly, owner's representative has no email, so we can't get photos to find out more, will just have to wait and see what turns up!

Another rather unusual dog is coming in shortly: a long haired rottweiler. I didn't know rotties came in long haired flavours, so when I took the call I was rather assuming this was another mis-sold crossbreed, but it turns out that this is an unusual but known varient - and he certainly looks full rottie in the photos.

We're having a right old rush on dog surrenders at the moment, I think the record so far is 5 dogs added to the waiting list in a day!  They all sound like very genuine cases, though at this time of year there has to be a suspicion that some of them are actually people who have holidays booked and have decided that boarding the dog costs too much, or have left it too late to book.  Hum.
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