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Bought it on Eeeeebay...

I've been doing some Ebay clothes shopping, which has prompted me to come up with some tips for Ebay clothes sellers. 

1) Overcommunication. 
You are pleased that you have lost weight.  Well done you.  However, an ebay listing for your old clothes is NOT the place to communicate your smug delight at your new size.  You want people to buy this stuff.  Writing a description that effectively says to the potential buyer 'ha ha, I am now far too thin and gorgeous for this item, which is only suitable for porkers like you' is unlikely to be an effective sales tactic. 

Likewise, Death Is Not a Selling Point.   I'm sure you DID love your aunty, and it's tragic that she died at only umpty-7 but I'm guessing the number of people who will find a dead aunty to be an attractive point about the jumper you are offering is greatly outnumbered by the number of people who will go 'ICK' and move swiftly on.    

OK, we know logically that second hand clothes may have come from people who have died -  but in general, I think we prefer to assume that our items belonged to people who are still alive.  Knowing the person is dead gives rise to worrying thoughts about what they were wearing *when* they died.  Nobody wants a haunted jumper.

Illness: it's not a selling point.  If you have an allergy to something in the makeup of your item, that's very unfortunate.  But again, call me picky, but I'd rather not know that's why you are selling it.  OK, I'm sure you have washed it (you DID wash it, didn't you?) but I still just don't lke the idea of buying something that you may have oozed on.

Oh yes and 'Too good for a charity shop'  ...?  Seriously?  You are aware that charities run shops to make money, aren't you?  They aren't some sort of publicly funded recycling service!  

2) Undercommunication
With clothes, it really is pretty vital that you tell your prospective buyers what size the item is.  Very few clothing items genuinely fit 'all' - if there is no size label, at least give dimensions.  If there is a label - and we can see in the photo that there is, would it kill you to tell us what it says?   You can see it, it's right there - but we can't read it (your photography isn't so hot after all. You'd best read section 3 quickly! )   

 It would be quite nifty if you could also tell us what material the item is made of - if you don't know, then maybe you could at least indicate what it feels like?   'Nice red top' is not a description! 

3) Photography.  

OK, I appreciate that taking photos of clothes can be tricky, but at least try *unfolding* the item before you take a snap of it.  If I can't even see the sleeves, it really is too much of a pig in a poke.   And  is it really so very hard to offer more than one shot of the item?  

Photographs taken by daylight are good, or at least use the flash. If your photo is dull AND blurry, then, better prepare to sell it for 99p.  Or less.  Digital photographs don't cost much. Try clicking that button more than once, then pick the best ones. There is no law that says you can take only one photo of your item!

Showing photos of the full item unfolded, that's good.  Putting the item on a person or a dummy to give an idea of the hang, that's good too.  

However, if you are on the large side then using photos that show you modelling skimpy items that really bring out your mottled skin and bulges is not the best way to convince the buyer they will look great wearing this item. 

 Likewise, if you are selling a large item and you are yourself a tiny thin person, then no amount of pinning and padding is going to make you look like anything other than a stick with a bag wrapped around it.

Oh yes, and see the point above about dead people?  I don't want to see your dead aunty modelling her jumper, even if she was alive when you took the picture.  Call me fussy if you like.  
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