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I found a baby treecreeper this morning.  He wasn't abandoned, as one of his parents flew down and fed him just as I was approaching, but he was sitting right in the middle of a road!  This didn't seem like a good move, so I shooed him up the road to a layby, as he was reluctant to go into the long grass.

Mollydog's leg is mostly looking pretty good, apart from right on the hock, where one of the staples has come off and the skin has pulled apart.  I think this is inevitable really, that area stretches as much as a deep wound right on the elbow, say, and she has to bend it to pee, so it was never going to be able to rest completely.

I am still ill!  I had so many things I was going to do this weekend, and basically all I've done so far is sleep, re-read books* struggle out to walk hounds briefly and watch  'Time Team'.   I did have a little go at painting but had to stop and go to sleep in exhaustion. Oh well.

I shall declare today 'Aargh Day' as the lawn is now way out of hand and there are areas of the garden that really needed addressing this weekend that are now bound to get away from me altogether.  None the less, this is good progress as last year Aargh Day was on 19th April!

Oh yes, and the fig tree is covered in very large green figs now. More sun please!

*Ursula Le Guin's Western Shores series - ' Gifts', 'Voices', 'Powers' &  Mary Gentle's 'Orthe' - which feels very Le Guinish.
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