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Yet more state of the greyhound...

I took Mollydog off the Metacam and put her back on Previcox (which is a painkiller but not an anti-inflammatory as well) and the leg immediately started to swell again, so it was pretty obvious that the Metacam was just keeping the swelling down.

I suppose I could have moved her onto Metacam permanently, but Rude Craig the surgeon reckoned that removing the metalwork was really the best option and the Xray confirmed that.

So, she went in and had her operation yesterday. She seems quite cheery though, and when she got home was mostly concerned that she had missed both breakfast and lunch! Bandage comes off on tomorrow, then the staples will come out next week if all goes well.

Fingers crossed she'll heal up quickly. The worry is that she might get another ulcer if she's bandaged for long (she got a horrible one after the last op. Tissue paper Mollydog skin is not designed to live inside bandages, but it's quite difficult to stop her licking it if unbandaged - her legs and neck are so long the cone solution just doesn't work very well!

She isn't very confident walking on the bandaged leg, so needs carrying upstairs.

I've managed to convince her that she can go downstairs on her own, which is something, as I've managed to come down with a horrible bug and carrying 27kg of Mollydog is quite taxing when you are feeling urgish.  Apart from ferrying greyhounds to and from vets, I mostly slept yesterday: today I was ostensibly working, which really meant I answered a few emails and flomped about feeling sorry for myself, though I did manage to buy dogfood and  walk Az . 

Dogs Must Be Walked No Matter What!  I should put that on a usericon sometime: it's practically the motto of our house...

 Luckily, Az seems more prepared to go out on his own this time round.  I think he has got used to the idea of walking on his own, and he doesnt' seem so nervous and reluctant. If he had remembered he was nervous and reluctant all the time, I could just have not walked him, but unfortunately he became boingy and importunate in the house, but then when I took him out, remembered that he didn't  want to go out and run it off, which was a bit of a pain. 

The heat has been useful: neither of them are so keen to go tearing about when it's hot.  Molls wanted to come out walking with Az at first, but quickly realised that she couldn't cope when I walked with her to the end of the drive, and was happy to go home again.  Sensible dog. 

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