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More state of the Mollydog

 Last night the leg was looking very angry and red, and one of the big swellings burst, releasing a clear liquid and some blood.
 I was thinking ' OK, emergency vet appointment tomorrow' and wondering if I could drive her over to Looe (the other practice where Rude Craig works) to get the X ray done sooner. 

In the meanwhile, I covered the sore-but-not-actually-bleeding-bits with crushed aloe vera pulp, which seemed like the best thing I had to hand for such a task (also, she doesn't like the taste so it stops her licking, which I can't imagine helps).

Either it worked really well, or the worst was already over, because the swellings look a lot less angry and red this morning and are smaller.  I've stuck more aloe on there on the grounds that it doesn't seem to be doing any harm, and may have helped.  

 I have also given her Metacam rather than Previcox today, as Rude Craig reckons it's better for inflammation  (my house contains such a choice selection of dog NSAIDS!).  So I'm back to thinking Wednesday should be Ok for Xray and possible op and she can cope in the meanwhile. 

Luckily the weather's gone all hot, so she probably won't want to rush about much.  

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