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I have planted some more peas Delikett (rather late, but then the spring has been rather late!) and some yellow beetroot seeds. I don't know if the beetroot will come up as I bought it last year and the packet has been rather bashed about, but I reckon the chances of them germinating in the soil are better than in the packet!

I've also filled the last raised bed with compost from my newly- finished bin, and planted out 1 pumpkin and 3 butternut squash plants into it.  I have another pumpkin to go in there as well, which will make the space a little tight, but we'll see.

The aubergines in the greenhouse seem not quite happy: the leaves are rolled a little downwards and they aren't growing as fast as I'd hoped.  I think this may be the cool weather  we've had until the last couple of days, in which case I can probably expect them to start accelerating away now.

Strawberries in the greenhouse are still producing an average 3 ripe berries a day.  They are random plants taken from runners, but there are definitely two varieties there, as the ones at the back with the more conical berries have a much better flavour and are sweeter, whereas the larger firmer berries from the plant at the front are less tasty.  I think the one at the front may be Cambridge Favorite, but I'm pretty sure that the one at the back is the French variety 'Gariguette', checking the photos and my notes on what I planted back when I bought the original plants whose mingled babies the greenhouse plants are.

I'm *very* pleased with my Actinidia Arguta 'issai' - my second attempt at growing this, the first two plants I bought died.   It struggled with slugs last year, but this year so far seems untouched and is growing fast.   Fingers crossed for weeny sweet kiwi fruit!

I took some May photos last week, but everything is moving so fast out there now that I probably should take some more.  The weather has been very still today, and there are so many flowers everywhere that the whole village smells of blossom, and is carpeted with apple petals.  
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