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State of the Mollydog

 The back leg which was operated on, and is now thought to be rejecting the metal implant, is not improving: in fact, if anything it is worse.  There are big swollen bruised areas either side of the joint as well as across below the scar now, all filled with liquid.   I've been giving her gentle short walks, but after a few minutes on her feet the leg will already be shaking badly and it's clearly painful.   

What I'm not entirely sure of yet is whether another operation to remove the metalwork will have an outcome good enough to be worth the further pain, endless bandage changes etc.  If it really didn't heal and had to be amputated, I'm not sure how well she'd cope, given that one front leg can barely bend and is badly arthritic already. 

I'm going to give her a week of complete rest (which will not delight her) and see what it looks like after that.  
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