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Progress report

1)I dug out my heated propagator and planted petunias and impatiens (though if there were the advertised 50 seeds in the Petunia pack my name's Adelbert).

2)Many weedy grasses have died, and I have bark and ground cover fabric around the cherry tree and a path isolating the asparagus patch from the hedge. Fingers crossed for blossom this spring.

3) Pruned the raspberries - they don't seem very happy. Need to get on and give them a good mulch and maybe some bonemeal.

4) Some cat caught a young rabbit and only ate the head. Java then stole it and ate a front leg. Then Mollydog finished it. The cats were fine, but poor Mollydog was sick. No more furry food for you Mollydog!

5) Carrot, ginger and coconut is mmmmmmmm, and cheap to make in my Christmas juicer (well, the coconut was tinned).

6) Took some pretty good Mollydog zooming (and Polo paddling) pics on Whitsand Bay beach. The zooming pics were technically perfect so far as the camera setup went, but could have been better with another camera. It just doesn't focus quite right at high speeds.

7) Decided on new camera. Can't quite justify the Canon EOS 350D digital SLR, so I'm looking at the Panazonic FZ7, which is released in March. I really liked the look of the FZ5, but it doesn't have manual focus, which I'd like, but the F7 does have that, and more. Roll on March!

8) Lost my phone (through observing my NY resolution and taking it with me) Woe. Call Vodafone, block phone, begin to look at 1000s of phones, totally overwhelmed by confusion of choice and features, confusopoly reigns.

9) Thought 'sod it' and went out to garden, co-opting Polo to help carry huge bundles of bark. Polo found phone in garden! YAY!!! No need to make painful identifone decision.

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