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State of the Mollydog (Again!)

 Went in to see Mollydog's surgeon, Rude Craig.

 The swelling on her back leg has gone down, but she still has the big black blister on the back of the hock,  plus some other blister-type things (which have a specific name that I've forgotten) and she had been bleeding from the operation scar again. 

Craig reckons that the wire and screws and things inside her leg are moving about when she walks on them and cutting the inside of her leg.   One option is to open the leg up again now that the joint has fused, and take all the hardware out again so it can heal completely.

This is a somewhat scary idea.  Another operation, another long period of trying to keep her from moving about.  Her leg is a bundle of bones and tendons inside a phenomenally thin and delicate bag of skin, she got an awful ulcer from the bandages last time, and now the whole leg is riddled with scar tissue as well as being incredibly thin and fragile - so how well it would heal is questionable. 

For now I'm going to watch it and hope that the leg decides that it can cope with being full of metalwork, but if it shows further signs of rejecting the implant, it will have to come out. 

Rude Craig didn't charge me for the consultation, even though I was in there a good 15 mins, asking questions and agonising.  Also, he was really polite!  Am a bit worried that this means he thinks the implant is going to have to come out so I should start saving up!  Though thinking on, I think it would probably be covered by her insurance, which is something! 
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