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I ate 4 strawberries out of the greenhouse today.   The ones not in the greenhouse are almost as well developed, to be honest - but none of their berries has actually turned red yet, so the greenhouse planting  was worth doing.   Very fine flavour they had too.

The biggest eating apple tree, which has had a couple of bad years recently and which I have therefore been cherishing with mulch and clearing of undergrowth and shading, is absolutely COVERED in blossom.  I've never seen so many flowers and buds on a single tree, it's amazing!

I can't imagine even half of them are going to manage to set fruit, but in the meanwhile it's quite a sight.  And with a bit of luck we'll get a decent amount of fruit off it.

The smaller apple tree which was so very happy last year, seems slightly less blossomladen, but then it's a later tree generally, so I'm not writing it off yet.
Tags: apples, garden

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