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State of the greyhound update

Mollydog's back bad leg (the one that had the operation) was badly swollen this morning, so we've just been to the vet.  The hope is that she has just twisted and bruised it somehow, as the bone still seems solid where it was fused.  The swelling is considerable, and obviously painful, so she has antibiotics and is on complete rest till Monday, when she will see her surgeon (Rude Craig).  She's already on painkillers for her other bad leg, so not much more to add there, though I am wondering whether to break out the spare bottle of Metacam instead of Previcox tomorrow, as Rude Craig reckons it's better for fleshy type pains.

When the duty vet gave her an injection she warned me Mollydog might scream.  'Oh, she is usually quite brave about that sort of thing', I airily said.  Which normally, is true.  

But not this time.  She did her best Violet Elizabeth Bott act and screamed and screamed and screamed for about a minute...  Thankfully, she was not sick, but when we came out into the waiting room afterwards, all the waiting dog owners were strangely pale and silent. 



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5th May, 2010 16:25 (UTC)
I'm sorry, I really shouldn't laugh, but I'm afraid that I did laugh out loud at the image of the strangely pale and silent dog owners, after unearthly screaming has issued from the inner sanctums.

Hope Mollydog gets better soon!
6th May, 2010 14:25 (UTC)
It amused me as well. Wouldn't have done if it was the first time I'd heard her scream like that, but frankly, she will sometimes decide to do that for a stubbed toe, and I think there is a *major* drama queen element there...
6th May, 2010 06:42 (UTC)
It's horrible to here a dog scream. Hope she's better soon.
6th May, 2010 14:29 (UTC)
I'd have been more worried if it was Az, but to be honest, with Mollydog, screaming is something she does quite a lot, it's not an indication of extreme pain. If my husband gets home and doesn't open the door so she can say hello with sufficient speed, she screams like a banshee!

She doesn't normally do it at the vet, so I was a bit surprised by that, but I don't think she was badly hurt. Possibly it was because they took her temperature first, and she was in 'OK, that is seriously ENOUGH' mode after that.
6th May, 2010 20:33 (UTC)
I have one who makes the most enormous fuss about everything too. It does help to know what to expect, doesn't it!
(Deleted comment)
6th May, 2010 14:31 (UTC)
The leg is still a bit swollen today, but I think not as bad.. should have taken a photo to compare, now I think of it.
6th May, 2010 09:42 (UTC)
Oh, poor Molly. Offers *pats* and *tripe*.
6th May, 2010 14:30 (UTC)
Mollydog has had a Parma Ham bone, and now seems quite cheerful again.
7th May, 2010 14:07 (UTC)
How has she been today?
7th May, 2010 14:21 (UTC)
Not at all well: I think the hambone disagreed - well it's either that or the antibiotics. She had the runs and was sick in the night, then has basically been asleep all day, not even wanting food when I fed Az, which for Mollydog is unheard of. She can stand up, but doesn't want to walk more than a few feet. Have been agonising over whether to go back to vet, but I think probably sleep will do more good...

I'm not giving her any more antibiotics till her stomach settles.
7th May, 2010 15:16 (UTC)
Oh, I am sorry to hear that.
6th May, 2010 15:24 (UTC)
Poor girl. I hope that rest and anti-inflammatories do the trick.
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