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'Britain's next Boss'

The leaders of the Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties have just appeared on 'The One Show' delivering smarmy farewells to Adrian Chiles.  Adrian Chiles thought they were impersonators to begin with, and frankly so did I. But no. They were the real item.   The impression of impersonation was enhanced by the fact that the camera on Gordon Brown was oddly positioned over his head, making him look rather like a tiny Scottish gnome.

Now Channel 4 News is doing a panel discussion show with three 'business leaders', largely about the presentation skills of these three gentlemen, presented very much in the style of a job interview.  It was announced by the presenter as a discussion of the merits of, and I quote:  'Britain's Next Boss'.  Boss? BOSS? 

Appointment of the next PM by telephone vote, following a series of tasks to eliminate down the competitors to three, can surely not be far away. 

Incidentally, I did eventually get a Lib Dem leaflet in the post.  It invited me to 'help out Nick and Vince!' with a badly photoshopped pic of the pair of them against a giant Lib Dem logo. So I still don't know what my local candidate looks like.  The Lib Dems may be ahead of the curve here, after all, if we're doing this the tribal way with the Three Big Men, a Member of Parliament is basically just a vote on legs...



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30th Apr, 2010 19:00 (UTC)
There's an Isaac Asimov story where the science of opinion polling has been developed to such an extent that just one person is selected to vote.
30th Apr, 2010 19:07 (UTC)
Now I'm imagining the Queen calling in all the main party leaders, ranting at them for a while about their general stupidity, while Prince Charles and Princess Anne sit on either side of her, looking grim and occasionally interjecting comments about their ineptitude, and then saying, "[insert name of leader here]... You're Fired!"
30th Apr, 2010 19:10 (UTC)
I imagine that a number of television executives are fantasizing wildly along exactly those lines...
30th Apr, 2010 22:13 (UTC)
Perhaps Andrew Lloyd Webber will get a chance to save one of the least popular candidates!
(Deleted comment)
1st May, 2010 13:55 (UTC)
Lol! Now that would be worth tuning in to!
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