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Call for info from past Butteller partipants

I have rashly committed to painting a scene from a past Traveller roleplaying campaign, from 2005.  Alas, it turns out that 2005 is  really quite a long time ago, and my memory of the participants is a bit fuzzy. 

I know I was Oona the Orangutan, LoA was Vera the Manly Man, and Bacchus was Binjam.

 It was the campaign where we discovered What Happened to Rushorin, visited Cymbelline, removed Vera's trousers (just to check) plotted a great deal, named space ships after sweets, discovered a silicon-based life form, and experienced epic Aslan poetry. 

I also know that  skordh, chainmailmaiden and pwwb-bethran-ihlj were present, but I can't remember what characters they had or even what species they were. 

Anyone able to remember?  
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