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I have rashly committed to painting a scene from a past Traveller roleplaying campaign, from 2005.  Alas, it turns out that 2005 is  really quite a long time ago, and my memory of the participants is a bit fuzzy. 

I know I was Oona the Orangutan, LoA was Vera the Manly Man, and Bacchus was Binjam.

 It was the campaign where we discovered What Happened to Rushorin, visited Cymbelline, removed Vera's trousers (just to check) plotted a great deal, named space ships after sweets, discovered a silicon-based life form, and experienced epic Aslan poetry. 

I also know that  skordh, chainmailmaiden and pwwb-bethran-ihlj were present, but I can't remember what characters they had or even what species they were. 

Anyone able to remember?  


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29th Apr, 2010 21:18 (UTC)
Was this the first ever Traveller campaign, where we spent a lot of time talking to a laptop? If so, Pellinor wasn't there, since he was over the August Bank Holiday weekend, and he was Summerfesting.

Was Chainmailmaiden some sort of insectoid chef - Delia? - whose aim in life was to lay eggs inside people? Bethran was someone independent and uncooperative, so that narrows it down a lot, doesn't it? I seem to remember that several people commented that Skordh was playing Pellinor; it was some sort of wannabe knight character, IIRC - but hopefully he'll remember more.

Was Kargicq definitely remotely there? I remember that happening at Starbutts - when I was a ninja cat and you were some sort of... jellyfish? - but don't remember it at Butteller. I remember using the laptop to talk to an intelligent computer, but not to a real human.
29th Apr, 2010 21:26 (UTC)
It sounds like I'm muddling up Starbutts and Butteller 1! I think you are right, kargicq remoted in at Starbutts, not Butteller. I'll edit my post.
29th Apr, 2010 22:09 (UTC)
Yes, I was 'there' at Starbutts... But I remember very little of that, since it mainly happened at Stupid O'Clock in the morning for me!
29th Apr, 2010 21:31 (UTC)
if Pellinor wasn't there, that would explain why I can't remember who he played! Delia the insectoid rings a bell. Bethran can be a random person with a vacc-suit concealing his uncooperative nature, I reckon.
29th Apr, 2010 21:55 (UTC)
Delia the reproduction crazed insectoid was from Starbutts I'm afraid.

Handily I have my roleplaying notebook to hand. If only the rest of my filing was as well organised!

You're quite right about the sweets. According to my notes our ship was the Starburst and our launch was christened "the Tic-Tac". I played ship geek, nutty medievalist and navigator Sir Roland de la Chapelle (a.k.a. Ron Chapple). Any resemblance to Pellinor entirely coincidental. Bunn you were Oona the Orang-Utan from Amsterdam "looking for Aslan". Bethran played Bethran, ship engineer & pilot. LoA was Vera Black, ship murderer & general tough guy. Bacchus played Lhondo "Binjam", ship engineer and "tech artist"??. Someone unidentified in my notes (chainmailmaiden?) was Aurora, boat pilot, ship's priestess, nature worshipper and wilderness medic. Kjetil the cat played Kjetil the ship's cat.

The pages of plot notes are sadly impossible to understand but full of NPCs like "senior machinist Abbel Hruthbar" and "Packer Vishnu - cleaning team leader".

It looks like at some point we acquired a new ship called "The Brownie" with a pinnace called "The Smartie". I think the Aslan epic to which you refer was Aoatii's Saga and in fact I have written down a quote which goes after this fashion: "they did not know me, these wielders of 'yoletiya'??, yet in my name did they burn, did they murder, did they destroy".

On the last page are some notes enigmatically titled "current theory" and they read like this:
- Durban - crashlands on Cymbeline - comms circuit > jumps chips
- Dr Rushorin - finds chips are intelligent
- Imperials tempt Dr Rushorin to defect - pay him well
- Epsilon research centre founded
- Solomani conquer
- Dahvin link to Rushorin
- Conflict in Solomani party - Dahvin life endangered
- Work underway on Michelangelo
- Dahvin visits chips 1126
- Michelangelo put in ship 1126
- Nuclear strike 1127 - Lucan? Solomani nutters? Chips themselves? Dahvin? Hivers?
- Lucan releasese Virus"

Simple really.

I'm not sure all that helps with a painting although possibly you could paint our characters sitting about looking very puzzled...
29th Apr, 2010 22:16 (UTC)
I've been racking my brain trying to come up with the name of Bethran's character, and "Bethran" was the only one I could come up with, so I'm glad that this is because I was actually right. Amazing, eh?

Didn't Aurora keep wanting to sacrifice people? I seem to remember people commenting on a certain similarity between "Ooh, can I lay eggs in him?" and "Ooh, can I sacrifice him?"

My post-Butteller LJ post didn't really elucidate anything at all, but stirred a few fond memories:

30th Apr, 2010 09:35 (UTC)
I did have a swift look at your LJ post and mine for that Butteller, but we seem to have recorded very few details between us.

Primary sources eh? There the eager historian is wanting to know what actually happened, and the published sources just witter on about beer, ham, pets, balloons and Tessa Wyatt, while the only real facts remaining are tucked away in a notebook somewhere!
30th Apr, 2010 16:13 (UTC)
Even though the narrative historian will struggle with our posts, the cultural historian or the historical novelist will have loads of material to work with. Skordh indicates what happened, but we give the colour. ;-)

I write my posts about these things on the assumption that those who weren't there won't be interested, and those who were there already know about it. What I should do, of course, is write the post for myself in five years' time. I'm not sure if we could have done the second Game of Thrones session had I not posted photos of all the Lego characters and key events after the first session.
2nd May, 2010 15:50 (UTC)
My motivations for those 2 characters were entirely different :-D

Delia killed people as an unfortunate side-effect of wanting children. Aurora killed children to prevent the unwanted side-effect of us all dying when there were problems with the ship. It worked too, as we* all lived :-D

*We being the important player characters & not the children obviously :-D
30th Apr, 2010 07:02 (UTC)
Yay, that's very helpful, thanks!

Philmophlegm is ecstatic that there is a record of 'Aotil's Saga', if only one line of it.
30th Apr, 2010 07:57 (UTC)
I'm wondering suddenly if "Packer Vishnu - cleaning team leader" is Cayn the Dunny Man in his future guise. I bet he is.
30th Apr, 2010 09:26 (UTC)
It seems entirely likely...
30th Apr, 2010 08:03 (UTC)
Although from memory, the spelling is 'Eayukheal', a word that was almost certainly generated using the Aslan word generation table.

Oh and it's 'yurletya' I think, not 'yoletiya', but then Aslan epic poetry loses something as an artform if the Aslan bard has to keep pausing to spell the difficult words for those rare humans prepared to sit through a 20 hour performance...
30th Apr, 2010 21:41 (UTC)
Oh! 'yurletya'! Finally it makes sense. That has been puzzling me for 5 years....

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