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Things Done and To Do

Things Done : the happy list
1) filled one of the raised beds with new compost

2) moved strawberry plants to South side of raised bed

3) sowed nasturtians and cauliflowers in parallel rows in raised bed (companion planting, supposed to reduce pests: we'll see)

4) brutally cut down a lot of escaping raspberry canes

5) Mowed everywhere with wild abandon!   Mowings as mulch on rhubarb and apple trees, and to stimulate Compost Heap

6) grabbed horse poo from lane (in bucket!)  to further stimulate Compost Heap!

7) Nettle Reduction Campaign.

8) Bramble Bashing

9) Some hedges laid.

10) lots of weeding.  mostly grass in wrong place.  Weeds to feed Mighty Compost Heap.

11) planted up planters full of pansies.

12) bed in greenhouse cleared, fertilised and watered, and planted up with 2 young aubergine plants and some Physalis seed.

13) pot of basil sown, rather late but better late than never. Sowed a lot of phacelia.  It's sold as a green manure, but I rather like the look of it and it's a great bee plant, so if it does well I might let it self seed a bit.

14) Rhubarb Crumble!  (OK, that's not really a garden thing.  Except that I have grown a lot of rhubarb.) 

Things To Be Done : the scary list (in no particular order)
1) cut / lay absolutely alarming amounts of  hedge.  O, Hazel, why do you grow so fast? 

2) plant that final mazzard that is still just heeled in properly before it gets into bloom!  I haven't done this because I can't quite decide where to put it - either of the possible sites would require some preparation.  Therefore:

3) cut back the Hypericum, if I decide the Mazzard is going up there to make space.

4) cut back the dogwoods at the front, to make space if I decide the Mazzard is going down there.

5) in either case, the front bank urgently needs debrambling and the removal of a number of young but horribly enthusiastic ash trees.

6) deal with that area behind the raspberries that is becoming a wilderness of raspberries and nettles and urgently Requires Action.

7) get some more bark mulch and lay it before the Buttercup Army really gets its roots down.  I actually like buttercups a lot and have left great swathes for them to do their yellowy worst, but really, one must draw the line somewhere.

8) refill the second raised bed with compost (emptying the second bin) and plant up with peas. 

9) turn the new Mighty Heap into the second compost bin, and see if there's any compost already made at the bottom of the first bin.

10) plant the bag of borage seeds I bought at the weekend, and the bag of golden beetroot that I bought last year but never got round to.  And some pumkins.  The pumpkins can go in a pot to start with though as it's still a tad cold for them.  

Update 25/4/2010
- planted that last mazzard (at the top - decided to put them all together for a cherry orchard effect)
- laid a fair bit of hedge.  More to go, naturally.
- bark mulch mostly done
- raised bed filled, peas planted
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