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Tiny suicidal Shi Tzu attack!

Yesterday,  Az was attacked by a dangerous dog! Fortunately it was a very old, very overweight shi tzu somewhat lacking in the teeth department.

She was behind a 5 foot gate with wire on it to stop her slipping through AND her owner was right there in the garden with her: she just found a weak spot unexpectedly, and moved so fast that both of us were caught on the hop. She hurtled along the road after us barking madly, then she went right for his throat without a moment's pause!

At which point, he jumped backwards so she fell off, then picked her up by the scruff and shook her, and I can't really blame him. I really thought at the time that he was going to break her neck, but I don't think she was seriously injured, as she ran away OK when he dropped her.

SO relieved that Az didn't kill or badly injure her! Her owner has some sort of breathing problem too, and I thought for one moment when she came rushing up to get her dog that she was going to have a panic attack right there holding the little dog, with me unable to do anything to help as I was holding my two on the lead (they were both on lead throughout, but obviously that doesn't help if a tiny dog leaps at you like a mad thing.) I don't know what I'd have done if the other owner had keeled over. Anyway. Phew.

Az has a tiny hole in his neck, but is fine. It's probably a good thing she went for him, not Mollydog with her thinner skin that tears so easily.

He was a bit subdued this morning, but I think that's because someone was letting fireworks off last night and he got all shaky. Very irritating it was: rather than let them all off in a burst, which is not too difficult for him to cope with ,they let one off every quarter hour or so, so every time he settled down another one went up and he crammed himself shaking behind the sofa again... I was just gearing myself up to Go and Have Words when they stopped. Very unusual, we don't usually see many round here even in November...

I'm inclined to put the suicidal shi tzu attack down to 'accidents happen' rather than bad ownership as such. I'm not sure why she was so aggressive, but it might not be the owner's fault. She's been that way for years...

Have been out stalking friendly small dogs today and asking Az to greet them politely (with owner's permission, obviously). No sign of any grudge held, thankfully.
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