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State of the Garden in April

I'm disappointed to see how relatively few of my bluebells planted 2 years ago have come up. Learning point: buying masses of bulbs, then covering them in a layer of garden compost clearly doesn't protect them sufficiently. I should have bought fewer at a time, and planted them properly.

However, last year's plantings of Triteleia Queen Fabiola are looking very promising, and the wild daffodils are really getting going this year too.

The Actinidia Arguta and Aronia bush which came from Thomson and Morgan in rather a state last year have both made it through the winter and are looking good with leaves opening nicely. Fingers crossed there may even be some fruit later!  I need to put up a better support structure for the Actinidia now it looks like it may be sticking around a while.

The blueberry bush I planted in the ground is doing really well, so clearly the soil is acid enough for it.  I'm going to plant out my pot blueberry next to it, as it's getting a bit potbound and is all too easy to forget to water sufficiently in a pot.

Terrifyingly, the Tamar valley cherry that I hadn't planted yet as it was safely in a pot so could be left a bit, is starting to open its leaf buds!  Need to do something about getting that in the ground pronto.
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