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Free health MOTs

Free health MOTs

bunn: Ah, doctor, thanks for checking on my health, what have you found?

doctor: You are too fat, spend too long each day staring at a screen, and your back aches.

bunn: No! I would never have guessed! What can be done?

doctor: You should eat less chocolate and icecream, take regular breaks and not do too much digging in the garden.

Roll 1d6

If you roll 12 or more :

bunn: What remarkably useful recommendations, I shall, of course, follow them to the letter!

If you roll 1-6:

bunn: Nods politely. Thinks 'yes, I knew that, but I am greedy, lazy and always try to do just one bit more with the digging. That's why I'm fat with tired eyes and a sore bum. If I were not those things, I would not have the problem'.

doctor: smiles politely. Thinks 'How many more of them are there today? 12? Good grief. Let's have a skinny one next time, it will make for variety.'


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