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Easter on Skagos

This Easter, we visited an island in the far North of Westeros, *without leaving a house on the Isle of Wight*.

Before that we played TWO other games for the first time ever, each of them invented by those present. I drew some of the events in my ongoing mission to draw stuff and improve my skills, and a number of Lego masterpieces by ladyofastolat were employed to fight around and fall off. We were all bubbling with creativity, compensating perhaps for our rather erratic dicerolling and decisionmaking.

In Silmarillion the Card Game (designed by  philmophlegm ) there was a moment when a weedy army of Sindarin elves was confronted by a bunch of quite scary looking orcs.   Then suddenly out strode  +4 Turgon (somewhat uncharacteristically, from what I remember of Turgon in the Silmarillion),  and gives them a good whopping. 

On approaching Skagos the menacing shape of a longship loomed at us.   We ran away.

I forgot to ask what sort of hair this character (Edmun Darnell) had, in my desire to capture the fleeing peasants. Sadly, I got it wrong. The illustrator's eternal dilemma...
I thought that this was going to be a dramatic moment quickly over, as we rolled into Skagos on a breaker at dead of night. Unfortunately, there was so much falling in and out of boats that I'd finished this drawing by the time the party actually hit the beach.   If I'd known we were going to take so long over it I'd have tried to do the faces better.

I'm not sure I can even begin to explain this.  Fish is apparently a great way of opening doors.  Even ones guarded by hordes of roaring Brian Blesseds.   The character on the right is Edmun Darnell again, but this is more what he really looked like.  The chap on the left is a Master of arms.  Despite appearances, he is not Captain Birdseye.

An attempt to climb into trees to fire arrows down at the bad guys went badly, but at least one member of the party landed nimbly after falling out of one.

This is my attempt at drawing 100 Brian Blesseds, rallied, armed and ready for a fight. The roaring was tremendous.

The hounds stayed at Dogtastic again, but I think that for future trips I'm going to have to find somewhere else at least for Mollydog. She's utterly exhausted now and very stiff: they do a lot of long walks there and she just can't handle the distance.

I did explain this, but just looking at her, it's obvious that 'gentle walking' for someone who owns a pair of border terriers and a beagle means something different to what it means to an arthritic greyhound... To be honest, I'm rather surprised that Az at 11-12ish managed to finish the 6-mile walk (Mollydog was left at home for that one)

So, yet more dog-sitter stress looms...


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6th Apr, 2010 03:01 (UTC)
Am impressed by the artwork esp the boat on the sea. Sometimes the best pictures are the ones we draw quickly or see as rough sketches.
6th Apr, 2010 09:16 (UTC)
I find the advantage of drawing role playing is that it moves at about the right speed to fling ideas down on paper and supplies a constant stream of new ideas. Also, this is the second campaign recently starring vaguely scandinavian style clinker-built boats, so I had vague references in my head...

I've been trying drawing from TV recently, but that's really hard because it just moves too fast (plus of course you are trying to catch likenesses rather than create random faces). Maybe one day...
6th Apr, 2010 12:39 (UTC)
You definitely need to be employed as the House Darnell artist in residence. You actually make us look half way competent. (Hmm... I think we need a Bard in Residence, too, to immortalise our actions in song. I wonder if the Maester could be prevailed upon to write a song - or, at least, to set some song-writing homework for brother Jon. I bet the Brians have already written their song, and have been bellowing the chorus all the way home.)

I do like the Brians, especially the one whose black-clad arm is waving from the back near the left. He's stuck on the back row, but he's determined to have his moment of glory, so is waving his axe in the air for all his worth, doubtless saying - sorry, bellowing - "Hello, Mum!"

I like the Captain Birdseye incarnation of my character. Until now, I've not really envisaged him clearly, since any half-formed ideas I had about his "real" appearance were chased away by his Lego figure.
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