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6 months for payment? Good grief!

I just got a payment through on my credit card that was converted for Islandic Krona. The amount I paid was £4.33. Looking at the payee, it's a business in Sandigerdi, which is a small Icelandic town we visited for a few hours in September.

Given that it's been about 6 months since I was there, I thought I'd better check with the card fraud people about this - but after some debate, they decided it was a real payment that had somehow 'got stuck'.

On the plus side, I'm pretty sure the only thing I bought in Sandigerdi was a decent sized meal for 2 people (in an Icelandic Wooden Cafe), so I feel I've done well getting it for £4.33 with 6 months free credit!


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22nd Mar, 2010 16:58 (UTC)
I once had a payment that took about that long to appear. I queried it, and the credit card company very reasonably put a hold on it while they investigated it, and didn't charge me any interest for the ?three months that took - making about nine months' interest free credit in total.

But - how on earth can you get a meal for two in Iceland for £4.33? You can't get a bag of crisps for two in Iceland for £4.33!!!
22nd Mar, 2010 17:04 (UTC)
Six months ago it cost 5 times that ...
22nd Mar, 2010 21:28 (UTC)
Your exchange rate is seriously out of date! Honestly, we were expecting expensive food, but it really wasn't that costly at all now the krona has gone to pot.

But I'm wondering if I actually paid in 2 lots and this was a dessert. Even then, it's not bad!
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