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I like this advert

It doesn't pander to the slow of reading, it gets straight to the point. It's clever in how it tells a story, and it showcases a clever technology that really does something, while simultaneously requiring no complexity in the technology that does the marketing.



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16th Mar, 2010 20:57 (UTC)
I like it, too. I had to watch it twice to get the full story, and an advert that makes you voluntarily watch it a second time has surely done its job. I was just thinking this weekend - when I watched about 15 hours of non-stop TV while sewing sails - that today's adverts (TV adverts, anyway) are spectacularly boring, with very few that anyone would want to willingly watch once, let alone twice.
17th Mar, 2010 08:41 (UTC)
I dunno, there are some good ones (as I've mentioned before 'compare the meerkat' is pretty impressive - the Virgin airline ad is quite good too, where they all march through the airport looking glam in the 1980s) ,but I suspect that advertising is one of those things that gets tired fast, and the older you get and the more you've seen, the harder it is to produce an ad you can see several times without wanting to throw something...
17th Mar, 2010 09:32 (UTC)
I definitely count the meerkat one as an exception to any sweeping rule that I might choose to dogmatically make. :-) The one showing their epic journey to Russia amused me enough that I found it online to show again to Pellinor.

It just seems to me that most TV adverts now just say, "Buy this, it's great, and it will [insert ridiculous claim here]." There's precious little wit and humour around. However, I'm quite prepared to accept that:
- someone has found that while wit and humour make your audience laugh, the boring approach works best for sales
- All the best adverts avoid the 10 a.m. slot on the Sci Fi Channel like the plague.
- All the cool kids play online now, and TV adverts are so 20th century.
- I view the adverts of yore through rose-tinted spectacles, remembering only the Carling Black Labels of the world, and forgetting all the thousands of dull ones.
17th Mar, 2010 21:40 (UTC)
I've just remembered that although the current More Than one is totally nothingish and unmemorable in terms of content, it has Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty as the soundtrack, and even a small snatch of Baker Street makes my life better. So I like that one too.
31st Mar, 2010 22:44 (UTC)
Ooh, I think possibly my favourite ever advert is the Carling Black Label one that riffs off the Old Spice ad, with a surfboarder surfing right into the pub as Carmina Burana swells, and the watching guys say "I bet he drinks Carling Black Label," but then the surfer asks the bartender for "pint of aftershave, please." Classic. The Hamlet cigar ones were pretty good too :-)
31st Mar, 2010 22:40 (UTC)
Brilliant! Thanks for that. I particularly like the last bit where all the suggested completions for the search terms that flicker past also seem to tell part of the story - very clever, as you say. I first watched it without sound and was impressed enough, but then later watched it again with sound on and I liked the way the soundtrack completemented what was going onscreen too, with a very simple theme all the way through but just quite subtle storytelling hints of relevant sounds overlaying it.

Also, I am clearly *still* full of emotional hormones, 'cause I admit to tearing up a bit >_< Mind you, the last Oxo family advert did for me every time, so I guess I'm a lost cause...
1st Apr, 2010 07:44 (UTC)
I think it's supposed to do that to you!

Being able to do that with just text and a soundtrack shows its cunningness.
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