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Dog found. Smugness commencing

Today I found someone who had lost their dog.  Later, I found the  dog, put it on Mollydog's lead (using my dogs as a lure to call it in close, then walking mine offlead), and returned it.

Owner is one of the approximately 9999 people who have told me that they have bought a puppy rather than adopting a rescue dog because they want to 'start from scratch' with training and not to have to deal with any 'issues'.  

This makes me want to dance the dance of chaos, singing :"Hahaha!  All living things come with issues!"

Made sure to have my recycled hounds walk nicely to heel when handing back her dog. Fortunately, hounds cooperated!

Incidentally, Az is greatly improved and would very much like to go looning offlead.  I am trying to restrain this, not entirely successfully.
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