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State of the Az

I took Az to the vet this morning. He has had an intermittent limp for the last 3 weeks, on and off - on until I make a vet appointment, then magically off!  At the weekend he was walking with no problems and running happily.  This week he has been walking OK on all four legs, but if he jumps down or puts weight on his front legs, he has developed a tendency to collapse screaming, and then be very reluctant to walk again afterwards. 

Rude vet* Craig says the problem is in the shoulder, and that shoulder injuries tend to take longer than limb ones as so much weight is on them.  Az must have rest and Metacam for 2 weeks, lead walks not more than 20 mins and try to stop him jumping.

That is going to be hard if I take him out in the car, because Az is convinced that if he doesn't jump into the car instantly the boot opens, I might leave him behind. I've taught them quite a good 'wait' for getting out of it, but had not previously thought that jumping into it might be an issue. And of course I do need to take them in the car, because there aren't enough non-tarmac walks near the house for Mollydog's feet.  

If it doesn't clear up after 2 weeks, they'll X ray, but if that is the case then there is a strong possibility that it's bone cancer which would be untreatable in that location anyway, so fingers crossed it's just a major strain.

On the plus side, Rude Craig says that he sees no urgency to do an ultrasound on Az's heart: he doesn't think it sounds any worse than usual and that possibly any slowing down is due to the shoulder issue rather than anything heart-ish.   If he does need an Xray, then they can do the ultrasound then as well. 

In other news, the dratted BRAND NEW Vaillant boiler has developed a problem and is leaking and not working. The installer came today and could not fix, tomorrow comes the man from Vaillant under the warranty. I think our entire heating system is under a Curse. Thank goodness for the gas fire.

*our practice has several vets.  Some I don't know well enough to have classified, but I have classified Rude Craig as useful but irritating, and Useless Martin as irritating and, yes, useless.
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