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Garden in Feb

 I've been bramble bashing today, and made a huge pile of brambles all wound up into sort of giant bobbins.  Managed to get quite a lot of roots out where the ends of the brambles had put themselves down into the soil.  I haven't yet tried to tackle the main bramble root clumps (those that I think of as the Head Vampires).  I may have a go at them with a fork tomorrow. 

One thinks of gardening as a peaceful pursuit so why do the words 'seek and destroy' so often describe what I find myself doing out there..?! 

Everything is looking rather tired and quiet out there at the moment.  I think all the frost and snow has put things back.  We have loads of snowdrops, but the daffodils are only just putting their heads above the ground - way behind where they usually are by now. 

I'm planning to convert most of the upper garden into a cherry orchard.  The Tamar Valley is a famous cherry growing area, and I already have one cherry tree that's doing really well, so I'm planning to take out that annoying Golden Delicious apple tree that's never done anything useful, and a few of the less attractive shrubs, and replace with some heritage Tamar Valley cherries, and also some heritage North Devon Mazzard cherries.   With a bit of luck they will reduce the amount of lawn mowing needed, look good in blossom and I might even get some fruit off them. 
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