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To expand: People who say that they are clueless because they are female are irritating. The 'clue' is not stored on the Y chromasome.

Nobody fought for you to have the vote so you could giggle and say you are 'blonde' or 'a girl', as though that was some sort of disability that prevented you from learning or doing things well. 

Also:  it's fine to be clueless about any particular subject.  Stop apologising and putting yourself down!    If you are clueless about every subject, or refuse to learn, that's not so good, but nobody is a universal expert!  That's why you can buy expertise in most subjects from people who have spent extra time getting good. 

It would be lovely if everyone knew enormous amounts about everything and just bought in work that they didn't have time to do or didn't enjoy doing, but let's face it, there are far too many possible skills and far too much information for anyone to be able to manage that. 

In conclusion:
 - People who feel they have to know everything, stop pretending you do. We all know you don't really. 

-  Other people, who feel they have to know everything, stop apologising for the fact that you don't.  We are all like you.

-  People who sell expertise: stop assuming people are idiots because they don't know as much as you on your special subject.  If everyone is expected to know this stuff, then who will hire you?
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