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Just a perfect day...

When I got up, the world had vanished under a great white blanket of river mist, starting just below the house, and there was a cloudless pale blue sky. I had to go over to to Tavistock, so I got the car out and drove down into the mist. Under the surface, the whole world was golden, and all the trees were shining wet, and there was this huge sun filling half the sky.

A little further down into the mist, and I came out into a layer where the air was clear, and it was just an ordinary calm cloudy day. Down again, and into the thickest fog, where I had to put on my foglights, and everything was dim and damp and sort of sleepy as though the day hadn't started yet.

Then the same thing in reverse as I climbed up the Devon side of the valley, through a damp and sparkling Tavistock - it was too good a day to go shopping straight away, so up again to Rix Hill and the flanks of Dartmoor.

When we got there, the mist was still hanging over the river and the sky that improbable winter blue.

Mollydog realised that she had let Her Person get perilously far away, and had to SPRINT to catch me (spot the huge long shadow!)

We met a pony, which stared at us balefully.

Once the sun got higher, there was a fabulous view up to the high tors (I've got my fleece off by this time!)

Mollydog zooming again

So fast did she zoom, she left the ground...

It's wet and drizzly again now, but I shall remember that walk.


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