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I went to North Devon today

And I wrote a whole long LJ post in my head as I was driving back, but now I am too tired to type it.  It was something along the lines of

- Porsche, perceptions, and why I choose Helga Saab to take me there not Percy the Purple Porsche

- Mazzards : should I get one? Or several?

-  People who say that they are clueless because they are female are very irritating. The 'clue' is not stored on  the Y chromasome. 

- Driving the ghosts of old roads

- Exactly what I want to do to people who tailgate through the 30 zone, are lost as soon as you hit bends, then speed through the next 30 zone to catch up so they can tailgate again. 

- Official Going To Meeting Trousers and average numbers of dogs at a Bunn business meeting. 

Anyway, as I say, I was too tired to type it all out and make it make sense. if you can figure it out from that lot you deserve some sort of award...
Tags: cars, loons, north devon

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