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2 people and 2 dogs go to a moor...

 We went to the Northeast corner of Bodmin moor today.   Well, we intended to go there, but it's one of those areas that is difficult to work out from the map - will there be lots of room to stop, or do we need a car park?

As it turns out there is a lot of fairly open moorland up there and we could just have pulled off and gone for a walk in lots of places. We found RAF Davidstow Moor - an exWW2 airport.  It was strangely complete.  Philmophlegm said 'it's as if we've accidentally gone into an alternate universe where Heathrow had been destroyed by an alien invasion 40 years ago'.  Which it sort of was.  Very flat, very empty.  Occasional tiny herds of sheep and ponies mooching across unnaturally-flat grass with tarmac sticking out of it intermittently. 

We ended up at Crowdy Reservoir because their car park was on the map!.  It was, I must say, uncrowded. 

I don't know if this small river has a name.  It's one of the tributaries of the River Camel. 

Az quite obviously felt that we'd taken far too long to get there, and was very pleased to be out of the car. 

We walked for well over an hour.  Molls was a bit tired by the time we got back to the car but given the amount of zooming that went on, that's not surprising really. Can't resist putting photo in to demonstrate how well her legs are doing. 

Az not noticeably troubled by heart problems...

We had intended to bravely walk all the way round, but we got about half way and discovered that one end of it is a nature reserve and you can't go all the way round. Poot.  So we took a left turn and went through some random plantations instead. 

This is where we'd actually intended to go, Rough Tor, that grey mass in the background, only we didn't find it.  I know it looks easy to find but it's that sort of country where only half the lanes are on the map and it's not always apparent if something is a road, a track or someone's drive.  Oh yes, and no signposts!  I assume they got taken down for WW2 and nobody ever got round to putting them back...  We only found Rough Tor afterwards when we were trying to go home.  Oh well, we'll know where it is next time.

We drove back over Bodmin moor and thence via the farm shop in St Cleer.  Pp bought game and a pork pie, and I bought Chelsea Buns.  mmmmm buns.
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