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Dog economy figures

I have managed to expand 2.5kg of dried tripe to cover 18.5 days.  This works out as about £539 a year on tripe, which is a definite improvement on this summer's total of £775ish a year on tripe.

Dunno why I am so obsessed with cost of tripe in particular, but I just can't let it go!

Oh, also Az's insurance premium has gone up to £17.50 a month, which still seems quite reasonable. For some reason I pay Molls insurance, which was due in December, annually - that cost £312 this time round.


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31st Jan, 2010 17:18 (UTC)
Does that mean the dog economy is out of recession?
31st Jan, 2010 18:08 (UTC)
No, because she's spending less on tripe than she was.
31st Jan, 2010 18:53 (UTC)
Unusual to have an economy that relies on people buying tripe in order to function... :-)
31st Jan, 2010 19:33 (UTC)
Or maybe it just shows that dogmatic ruminations on the state of the economy are a load of old tripe?
31st Jan, 2010 19:43 (UTC)
... and I know what you're thinking. You're thinking:

"What has that done to the graph?"

I haven't yet made a graph, but give it time...
31st Jan, 2010 20:01 (UTC)
And when you've done your graph, you can send it to the Financial Times, and in time the Tripe Index will become a key indicator of the state of the world economy, much cited by the economic historians of the future.
1st Feb, 2010 08:22 (UTC)
Am I missing something with these "graph" references?
1st Feb, 2010 11:33 (UTC)
I was referencing Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure, in which that line references 'Are You Dave Gorman?' in which there are a lot of graphs...

I don't know if LoA was inspired by Dave, or simply by her own fevered brain... :-D
1st Feb, 2010 12:49 (UTC)
All is explained. (Well sort of ... )
1st Feb, 2010 13:00 (UTC)
Twas my own fevered brain, I'm afraid. I was a somewhat baffled by the graph comment, but accepted it on its own terms, as an apparent non-sequitur that probably made sense on some deep level incomprehensible to me. :-)
1st Feb, 2010 13:03 (UTC)
Oh I see, it was just you being you! Now all is definitely explained ... ;-)

wellinghall (who has just read The Lady of Shallott, in the excellent collection The Isle of Gramarye)
31st Jan, 2010 19:52 (UTC)
I do have a friend who was a part time receptionist at a vet and was laid off because people are economising on vet care. You phone up for an appointment at our vet just now and get in same day with a choice of appointments, am thinking of asking if they can do me as well, it's miles better than the doctor...

There are however undeniably people will live on half a can of baked beans with the heating turned off in order to ensure that their hounds have squeaky balls, new beds, extra collars, flyball club subscriptions etc.
31st Jan, 2010 20:25 (UTC)
I only have kids to indulge - now I'm wondering if I am short changing them by not buying them tripe!
31st Jan, 2010 21:52 (UTC)
Are you kidding? Your child eats slugs! Even Mollydog doesn't eat slugs! :-D

Save your tripe cash and send him out as a one-baby pest destruction unit!
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