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Greyhounds again

Oldies Club has been asked to take another old greyhound, who turns out to be another of Mollydog's half-siblings, Jack's Jewel.  I wonder if we'll get any more of her sibs...?

As you've probably noticed, I am miffed about Dara O'Briain's part ownership of a greyhound which he showed off on telly, but which was none the less killed as soon as it broke a hock, before the TV program was even screened.

Pursuing this miffedness, I polled the Oldies committee, and with their consent and full backing, have been pushing the issue via the social media I have at my command wearing my OC hat as well as my own.  Am impressed by the speed and size of response on Twitter.


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29th Jan, 2010 20:18 (UTC)
Have you attempted to contact Dara or someone who represents him directly? It'd be interesting to see how that works out.
29th Jan, 2010 20:38 (UTC)
I haven't written him an email (yet). However, I do know that he has seen one of my retweeted tweets (which use his username so appear in his stream) as he responded to the retweeter (not with anything very useful though).

I'm thinking email next week, when with a bit of luck there will be more awareness of groundswell of opinion so less likely to be instantly deleted.
29th Jan, 2010 20:41 (UTC)
... of course a number of other people will have emailled/written already, but my feeling is that people who make contact via a private medium on a topic that isn't already seen as an 'issue' are likely to be ignored. I'd like to see it picked up by a newspaper really, one would think it would be moderately newsworthy.
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