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LOLtastic incompetence

I am usually loath to laugh at the incompetence of other people in my industry, cos, lets face it, nobody makes big stupid obvious mistakes deliberately, and those in glass houses etc. But this one?  I can't imagine ending up having done this one...

Client calls to say he has had a redirect set up by another company to a remotely hosted URL.  Redirect from 'promotional' address to 'real' address is taking forever to work, what gives, can I have a look for him.

I view source on redirect code, and find, on line 1, a redirect - followed by about 17000 lines of links to random spam websites.  

Seriously, this page which should have been a one-line redirect, is more than 17000 lines long, with every line but 1 being spam.  It was about 4Mb in size!   How did they upload that and not notice it?  If it was a virus or something, why did they not realise the file was so humungous when they uploaded it?   If it was deliberate, HOW did they think the client was not going to notice such a HUGE file loading...?
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