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State of the greyhound

Mollydog's injured back leg is still not as it was, but has improved a lot.  It still has a small hole in the back that weeps clear or whitish fluid when she exercises, but it has stopped bleeding and is clearly slowly healing.  The leg is a little lumpy and mishapen, as one might expect for a leg now full of metalwork, but it does flex.

It tends to shake a bit when she walks on it, and isn't quite as well muscled as the other back leg, but she is now putting full weight on it almost all the time, and yesterday she had a good run with Az and wasn't carrying the leg afterwards.   I notice that she now puts full weight on the front right leg - that's the one where the X-rays cause vets to make those 'outraged plumber' noises - whereas before her injury she tended to favour it. I am hopeful that things will improve further as the hole finally heals up.

  I suspect she does get some pain in both of the legs, but it's not stopping her enjoying life.  She still gets Previcox for the pain each day, plus glucosamine & chondroitin supplements for the arthritis, and enjoys two fairly energetic 45 minute to an hour walks a day, as long as they are mostly on soft ground.  Tarmac and other hard surfaces are a problem, and she gets tired more quickly walking on those.   If I give her less than two half hour walks a day she is quite vocal about needing more!

She can get up the stairs and even jump into the boot of the car - though I'm not sure how long she will continue to be able to do that.  Must look into dog ramps.
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