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Hedge laid

Spurred into action by the terrifying sight of catkins*, we tried to burn some of the mountain of garden fellings today, but everything was too wet.  Should have saved some dry kindling.  However, I did manage to lay** several yards of hedge, so that was an achievement.

Tomorrow I might try and saw up some kindling and store it in the shed so that next time we try to burn stuff we have something to start the blaze with.

* It can't be spring already! [wails] I'm not ready.   It's only January!

** not in proper hedgelaying manner, because I didn't have any stakes, I didn't bother with clearing out all the junk, and mostly I just hacked stuff off and chucked it all back in, but none the less the hedge is a lot smaller and squarer now.  I reckon the junk is probably good for bugs and stuff.
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