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I was hoping this was a storm in a teacup but it seems to be true

This article is about an episode of Three Men in a Boat, with Rory McGrath, Griff Rhys-Jones and Dara O’Brian, filmed in October.

They went to see a dog part owned by Dara race in Ireland - which is bad enough, given that the Irish racing industry is pretty grim.

The dog was Snip Nua, and the Irish greyhound racing board have now confirmed that Snip was put to sleep after breaking a hock last month. I cannot believe that Dara O'Brian cannot afford to get a hock problem fixed. I can afford to get a sodding hock problem fixed. This was a puppy, not two years old, if they had even amputated the damn leg, the dog would have coped well.

It wouldn't be a racing dog, but so what?  I believe it is wrong to breed dogs and then kill them for a night's entertainment.

I don't know if the allegation that Redwood Rio was injured on the actual night that the BBC were filming the race is true or not, but I think the less well of all three comedians, and after Molls recent hock issues, I feel a bit sick.
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