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Tiny figs & hazel hedges

Despite the relatively cold weather and the fact that I pruned it right back against the wall last year, my fig tree is covered in the tiniest buds of things-that-might-become-figs-one-day.   You can tell them from leaf buds because the leaf buds are pointed and the tiny figs are round.

I am torn about my hazel hedges.  For a change, they are only one year away from cutting, so although they have put up myriad shoots, the shoots are as yet pretty slender.   I can cut them now, thus restoring the view for another year and improving the light, or I can leave at least some of them to develop, thus giving me hazel for beanpoles etc in future, but also a bigger task when it comes to cutting them and effectively turning them into a long thin coppice.  

Hmmm.  I think I should try and cut them this year.  I could try making a basket, that only needs thin shoots.   Also I have a feeling that the back hedge probably already has beanpole sized trees in it, that didn't get done last year.

I need to review my seeds and see what I need to get in for next year too. And move the strawberries.  I could do with getting some more bark ground cover for some of the paths as well, mine has become mulch.


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