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Toilet Roll Army shoulders weapons, leaves camp at last

A silent war has raged in our house for about a year now. I believe that the number of naked toilet roll inners that the normal house needs is in single figures (and even that is only if you have rabbits that enjoy ripping them up). Polo, however, considers that the disposal of the inners is a royal waste of his valuable time, and sticks to this view against all opposition. As a result, 'his' loo has become gradually populated with little grey figures standing on their ends, vaguely reminiscent of some small toiletty Easter Island. Obviously I cannot remove them, as having voiced my opposition to them this would be, in some obscure way, giving in.

The war moved on to a new stage about six months ago when I tested a new theory: apparently people have an inbuilt predisposition to see faces. This posed a challenge: perhaps if the toilet roll inners had faces, Polo would notice and remove them? There was only one thing to do: give the toilet rolls faces.

Well, the theory worked up to a point. Polo did notice the faces. However, noticing them was not the same as wanting to get rid of them. The rolls multiplied, until a mighty army of toilet roll inners stood filling the windowsill to capacity. I began to feel that they were watching us with the eyes I gave them. Sometimes they moved about and rearranged themselves.

And then yesterday, for no reason I can fathom, he declared that the time had come, and packed the whole bunch of them off to be recycled. Some of them have been here so long I felt quite mean about it. Still, Yay! The Toilet Roll People have gone at last!
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