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I know that sofa!

Watching the first episode of 'Being Human' last night, my enjoyment of the plot (which was good, though it's not really going anywhere yet so early in the series...) somewhat distracted by one of the sofas in the house shared by the vampire, werewolf and ghost.

It's a rather battered bentwood 3 seater with green slightly embossed cushions.

For many years while I grew up, a bentwood 3 seater sat in our sitting room. A few years before she moved, my Mum had the whole set reupholstered in that same green, slightly embossed looking fabric. When she moved, she didn't have space for the 3-seater, so sold it.

I'm convinced it's the same sofa! Those sofas were never common, and the green fabric was not the original. I'm convinced our family sofa has a new career on telly!

Talk about distant connections to TV shows...
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