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I know I've said this before but...

When snow falls maybe one year in three, or one year in four, for a handful of days, surely, surely it is more educational for children to be out in it, learning how it crunches, how it melts,  how to sledge, how to make a snowman, how to take photos of snow, how to go home and paint it -  than sitting in a classroom doing something they could be doing any day of the year, and wishing they weren't?

Apparently 80 schools in Cornwall were closed today.   I just cannot see this as the educational disaster that the local news suggests it is.

My knees are wet now.  I have been photographing Bert the Gargoyle in the snow, with fairy lights.   We've taken down the rest of the decorations but disentangling fairy lights from snowy bushes can wait!   Drying snowy knees smell funny. 
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