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New boiler, old boiler...

Our dratted Keston boiler has once again been driving us up the wall.   It hasn't actually failed (yet...), but from time to time it turns itself off and has to be cajoled into re-starting, usually when you've just run a bath that was disappointingly colder than expected.  It can be only a matter of time before it refuses to restart at all. 

Rather than pay another few hundred quid for yet another repair/part, I've just bitten the bullet and booked a new boiler installation for 19th Jan.  (Irritatingly, and with no excuse, I'd forgotten the VAT change. Should have had it done last year.  Hey ho.) 

 This will be a Vaillant, which is what  Boiler Man David recommended, and with a bit of luck will be more reliable, easier to get serviced, and possibly even more powerful .  He is from the same firm that installed our LPG gas fire (which is lovely, and has 'just worked' brilliantly ever since) so I hope will do a good job. 
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