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Tara Banana, Az's wardrobe, snow.

You wouldn't believe how many people want a comical old dog that looks like some hideous hybrid between an Ood and a Sea Devil.  The previous owners really should have gone for private rehoming (ie, advertising on our website to rehome directly from their home to the new one, rather than via a rescue/ foster home).  They thought nobody would want her  and were going to have her put to sleep whereas in fact we've had a record breaking queue...

Some of them hadnt' really thought through the whole operation, we did have several people drop out or had to turn them away for various reasons -  but some people who seem ideal have now turned up, and they passed their homecheck today!  They have a younger boxer,  teenage kids, and do a fair bit of walking, which she will love.

The only thing is that they currently feed The Dog Food of Evil : ie, Baker's Complete, laden with additives and containing all sorts of dubious stuff.  However, they have expressed themselves willing to choose something else/better so with a bit of luck she should be off to her forever home in the next week or so.

In other dog news, I cut down one of my old jumpers that had shrunk for Az, who is very much feeling the cold - his fleecy coat is just not warm enough on it's own, he needs a jumper under it.   Burgundy is not really his colour, he looks better in the Aran one, but it does the job as long as it's not damp.  I left some of the sleeve on, which I think was a mistake now - it adds to the warmth, but tends to pick up dew as he boings about.

We still have snow, even though it's melted across practically all the rest of Cornwall, the Northfacing gloom of our village retains it like nobody's business.  Having had the ice experience at Christmas, the entire village has developed Snow Worries, and as soon as our 1cm fell, everyone charged out with brooms and spades and grit.  I managed to brush our steps and path myself but by the time I'd made it to the drive someone else had already done that!  

I was amused to notice that where some people had brushed the road, they had neatly done just their own section, creating a perfect snowy line across the road at the edge of 'their patch'.  I wonder if they do that by eye, or actually measure it...?

I've done sod-all this Christmas really, I've just pigged out, read a lot,  walked dogs and footled about.    I haven't even put up my exciting new Bat box or my new Owl box (though I have thought about where I might put them, at least) and I've done a tiny bit of carving, enough to create a tiny pile of chippings that wouldn't fill a pencil sharpener.  

There's a sign up on the local garage noticeboard advertising saxophone lessons.  I haven't played with my Gigantic Saxomophone for ages.  I wonder...?
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