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 I don't think I made any resolutions last year.  

Resolutions for 2008
 have mostly been achieved.   I did lose a stone in weight (we will pass over the 4 pounds I have regained over Christmas...)  and I did do quite a bit to the garden.   I don't think I have achieved the 'more decisive' but possibly I have drifted to the point where I've at least got stuck on something and aren't drifting that much further. 

This year I shall
1) do the weight thing again, though rather aware that it took 2 years to shift the last one!

2) learn how to draw human heads and bodies properly.    I tend to just randomly draw stuff that interests me and have no training, so it is probably not surprising that I am not good at faces.  I have bought a couple of books, and am working through the one on the human head now. 

I can't decide whether to make a third resolution to try to make more money.  I can think of several ways to do it, but it might make me less happy and relaxed - though admittedly, being less poor would be cheering and relaxing in its own right.   Hum.  will reflect on this matter. 
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