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I have just taken my life in my hands and walked Tara Banana and Az (not taking Mollydog out on ice: she's not great on laminate flooring, let along anything skiddier (is that a word?)). The ice is over an inch thick in some places in the lanes, which did at least mean I could have them offlead - nothing was about in this (and I needed both hands for support!)

We met one car in an hour's walk - driven very very slowly by two huge nervous-looking blokes - I think it must have come up out of the bottom of the valley, it's usually warmer down there so they probably didn't realise just how bad it would be on the hills.

Az was walking ok, but Tara is an ice dancer! She was bounding about like a loon, skidding, controlling the skid, flinging sticks about, leaping in the air! I'd have videoed it, only I didn't want to risk holding a camera, as I am only 2-leg drive myself!
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