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Sit, stay, roly poly

Mollydog training is going on apace. This evening she did 1) down, 2) stay, 3) roly poly, 4) shake paws, 5) touch (ring your bell ball), 6) go across the room and ring your bell ball, 7) go away, ring your bell ball and do a sit, down, stay, come... :-)

Admittedly she only did the last one once: when I tried to get her to do it again she did a roly poly instead to signify that really this was all too much effort for a very lazy dog...

At the New Year gamesmeet, it became apparent that Buckinghamshire mud is much stickier than Cornish mud. Or maybe mud just shows more on other people's carpets. I'd been thinking of getting Mollydog some boots for the corn on her toe (she has problems limping on hard surfaces: vet recommended boots) and the whole mud thing made me decide to go ahead and get some.

Alas, it was not a success:

We got to the end of the drive (Polo and I giggling madly, I have to admit, 'cos she was clopping like a little horse and lifting her feet very high) and she sat down and would go no further. I think the boots are a nono...

I forgot one of my resolutions in my resolutions post: to buy local meat from the butcher rather than random meat shipped from godknowswhere at the supermarket. I did that today, and it was cheap and very nice.

I have also ordered some seeds for my vegetable-growing resolution, but I need to get some ground cover fabric, some bark and possibly some paving slabs.

I *have* remembered to take my phone. Mostly. Unfortunately, I've discovered that one reason I stopped bothering to take my phone is that as soon as you drop below the level of the main road in the Tamar Valley, the signal completely disappears. Also, that Polo has a tendency to unplug my charger without mentioning it and plug his phone in, so my phone is slowly dying but I am not aware of it.

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