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Elephant Dog Tara Banana & State of the Mollydog

Tara Banana has swole up. She can just about open one eye and is all over bobbly lumps. She looked like Les Dawson even before this transformation. Now she looks like a deformed and partially inflated Dawson who is unable to open one eye.

We are off to the vet at 3pm, but suspect an allergy to Frontline Plus, as she was flea treated yesterday.

edited an hour later : actually, I just looked again, and she now looks less like Dawson and more like that Orc in the Return of the King movie with the strangely melted looking face.

Mollydog's leg is looking a lot better - there is still a sore looking pink bit that weeps somewhat when she walks on it, but no metalwork or bone is visible.

It did seem to 'stand still' for a long time, but then I worked out she was having a crafty slurp at it at dead of night, and started wrapping it in a layer of vetwrap when she was going to be unsupervised: this seems to have got it making progress again.

However, I have noticed that that leg is a bit warmer than the other one, and also that she seems to be favoring it more over the last few days. It doesn't look infected, so I am crossing everything that this is part of the healing process and not an infection that has got inside the leg. Wondering whether to take her in for a final checkup and ask if an antibiotic would be justified.

She is able to run on it, and the muscles are looking a lot more balanced, but she is still favoring the bad leg when moving at speed and tends to carry it if she thinks I won't notice.

Az's wardrobe: Az seems to be feeling the cold more and more this year. He has a coat but even on mild days it doesn't seem to be enough: he shivers and his ears get cold. He does have one fleecy sweater already, but I've just bought him this one as well, to wear under his coat if it gets really cold.
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