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retail disappointment

How come the sodding COOP sells 12 different sorts of flavoured cream and NO BRANDY BUTTER?

I still have had no mincepies yet this year. Woeisme.

EDIT: soddit, the local shop had none either! Damnit, I shall just MAKE some.


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12th Dec, 2009 19:17 (UTC)
I prefer brandy cream on principle, purely because my Mum - who Spoonerises more than Spooner himself - always manages to call it "candid bream". Brandy butter ends up as "bandy brutter," which is far less interesting, and brandy cream wins out because it makes for a more amusing Christmas dinner.

Am now racking brains to come up with 11 other things you can flavour cream with...
12th Dec, 2009 19:55 (UTC)
Whisky (several ) Baileys, Grand marnier, vanilla liqueur, Kalua...

I don't even know what 'vanilla liqueur' tastes like as a liqueur - surely most of these items are more obscure than brandy butter?

I shall have to make a special voyage to Waitrose, it looks like.
12th Dec, 2009 20:40 (UTC)
Maybe someone at Co-op head office accidentally added an extra zero when putting in a standing order for cream, so then had to desperately come up with exciting ways to use it...?
12th Dec, 2009 19:29 (UTC)
I tried Baileys flavoured cream a few weeks ago. It was nice.

But I understand that for the real mince pie fan, only brandy butter will do. My husband is exactly the same.
12th Dec, 2009 21:34 (UTC)
I dunno about that I just happily eat mince pies as they are
12th Dec, 2009 21:36 (UTC)
As I said to Clari I dunno about the brandy butter thing I just happily eat mince pies as they are, usually with a cup of tea. So far the Sainsbury's Taste the Difference ones with Brandy in have been nicest, Waitrose shortcrust (red box) were okay but not as great as I'd expect, and Sains cheapo (and oddly the most calorific of the lot) ones are nice enough but ...
12th Dec, 2009 23:07 (UTC)
Alas, I have given myself expectation inflation. I intend to make some mince pies (OK, with jar mincemeat, but I'll make the pastry) and if I'm going to that sort of effort, I want to have it all exactly right, and it wouldn't be the same without brandy butter, so...

If I'd just bought some pies, I'd probably have et them by now!
12th Dec, 2009 23:07 (UTC)
drat, it forgot who I was..
13th Dec, 2009 00:13 (UTC)
Having said that I found the Snasebury deep but calorific ones went well with Fuller's Vintage 2008 too.
12th Dec, 2009 23:55 (UTC)
Clotted cream is the best thing to have with mince pies.

If you're planning on buying mince pies this year rather than making or assembling* your own, you may be interested in Custom PC magazine's annual mince pie group test:

* If you're using ready-made pastry and ready-made mincemeat, I reckon what you're doing is assembling rather than making your mince pies.
13th Dec, 2009 11:15 (UTC)
Could you not just get some brandy cream and shake it around a lot?
13th Dec, 2009 16:47 (UTC)
I have decided to get some butter, some brandy and some sugar, and shake those around a lot instead!
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