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In which Az is unexpectedly helpful

I almost can't believe what Az just did. Tara Banana was puffing and blowing a bit, and I was just making coffee and not really paying attention to her.

So, Az gave me his most withering expression, stood up, turned the handle, and opened the patio door so that Tara could go out for a wee. He didn't go through the door himself, he just opened it, pushed it open and stood there waiting for her to go out.

Honestly the longer I know that lurcher the more impressed I am. He is soooooo clever!



11th Dec, 2009 15:51 (UTC)
Ha, that is amazing. Blaze trailhound can open the door from the outside and let herself in when she's finished in the garden, but she's not yet got the hang of letting herself out in the first place. I take my hat off to the lurcher.
11th Dec, 2009 20:07 (UTC)
First time I ever took Mollydog to the vet after we adopted Az, I came home to find our rather frazzled-looking neighbour shutting Az into our house, again. She had apparently been putting him back into the house at 5 minute intervals ever since I left.

Fortunately, as long as he has Mollydog to look after him, he consents to stay in the house without us having to go round doublelocking and bolting everything and hiding the keys. I swear he can turn a key if you leave it in the lock.

It has to be Mollydog, too - I tried leaving him with foster Sasha, and by the time I'd got Molls into the car, both of the other 2 were bouncing around me going 'where you going then...'

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